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Training specialists for Childcare Development Centers
Caring for children is a rewarding and demanding profession. High-quality training is essential to protecting children's health and safety as well as promoting their growth and development.
We provide Child Care Training and Professional Development for z-bébé® Licensed and Registered Programs.
You will probably have questions about training:
  • What are the requirements?
  • What are my career goals?
  • Where can I find training opportunities?
  • How can I afford the training I want? Are there costs for the training I want?
These pages contain important information to get you started. But don't stop here. Explore the possibilities for your career and the future of z-bébé® Program.
z-bébé® Family Center in Tbilisi, Georgia
We help kids to develop and their parents to learn more about human physical and mental health - at a physical playgrounds. Our instructors know how to motivate, teach and support children at every developmental step, and follow adults to become in a harmony with their bodies and families.
z-bébé® Online Consulting for Parents
We help parents to learn more about human physical and mental health in online mode. Our instructors know how to motivate, teach and support parents at every child developmental step, and follow adults to become in a harmony with their bodies and families.
Neuroscience Partnership with the Dana Foundation (USA)
We provide information and educational materials directly from neuroscience experts to improve use and consideration of science by judges worldwide in managing cases involving scientific and technological evidence. We organise workshops to support a large-scale global effort that have helped judges understand scientific issues in dispute and discussions.
z-bébé® Lectorium
z-bébé® Lectorium is a non-profit project headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine, that conducts open events and projecting a worldwide offline and online educational letures.
z-bébé® Center for Sensory-Motor Interaction in Irpin, Ukraine
z-bébé® Center for Sensory-Motor Interaction designed to help kids improve focus, behaviour, social skills, anxiety, and academic performance. In the Center we work on friendship, identifying and managing emotions, flexible thinking, and successful strategies for interacting. We teach children to 're-frame' their reactions and develop valuable tools to aid in developing lasting relationships.
z-bébé® Sensory-Motor Interaction program is beneficial for young children, aged 3-5 years and 6-9 years who can benefit from support in maintaining emotional regulation and friendships with peers.
Early Childcare Development Centers methodological support
Information architecture is the art and science of structuring and organizing the information
z-bébé® Program in the Baby Club in Kyiv, Ukraine
The Program embedded in the kindergarten in the Emily Club Network, Kyiv (Ukraine). It is is located in a fabulous place with a space ceiling, a sports complex, and a free creativity zone. Completely safe environment: magnetic lock, video surveillance, safe ergonomic rooms with modern materials. A cozy and homely atmosphere where the child feels safe and comfortable.
z-bébé® Equipment Manufacturing
z-bébé® equipment is a series of sports equipment with a wide range of effects under registered trade mark. These are transformer blocks, balancing and coordination equipment, specially designed for the development of young children.
z-bébé® equipment is mainly made of wood and other natural materials, durable and reliable, which ensures high quality, environmental friendliness, safety and a longer service life.
  • Transformation allows you to make up different variations of use
  • Stability of structures and reliability of fastenings
  • Guaranteed high quality
  • Ergonomic design adopted for children of early ages
Individual Consulting on Early Childcare Development for specialists
z-bébé® Franchise
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