Who we are
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We consider the physical and motor skills development as highly important during the first years of human life. These skills and abilities affect connections with other people, objects, and the environment.
Meet Our Team
We're passionate about making the Center of a place where kids and their parents love to learn and our company a place where we love to work.
We help kids to develop the personality and skills of communication with others. We learn how to communicate, play sports, understand the society. Our teachers know how to motivate, teach and support.
Our Schedule
  • Regular classes on Monday and Thursday:
    • 09.30 – group in English,
    • 10.30 – group in English.
    Regular classes on Tuesday and Friday:
    • 09.30 – group in Russian,
    • 11.15 – group in Russian,
    Regular classes on Saturday:
    • 11.30 – group in Georgian.
    Regular classes on Sundays:
    • 11.30 – group in Georgian.
    Senso-motor playgroup for free play activities:
    • from Tuesday to Friday, 15.00 - 19.00,
    • on Weekends, 10.00 - 17.00,
    on per hour basis: 7 GEL per hour/kid, 10 GEL for 2 hours, twins and 3rd/4th children from the same family may come for free.
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Schedule a tour
Before your kid will join a group, you can get acquainted with us, conditions and atmosphere of our Center.
Leave your contact details, we will contact you.
Frequently asked questions
We tried to collect popular answers about us for parents about us. To ask a question, can call us or send an email: ZbebeInTbilisi@gmail.com
How to enroll?
To enroll a kid, you can leave a request for a trial visit to the groups, or call us by phone +123 456 678 99
How many kids in one group?
There is a maximum of 8 people, rarely 10. This is the maximum number of people that the teacher could fully devote time to everyone.
Do you consider special program for children with disabilities?
No, but you have aware us about any disabilities of your child.
Can children bring their toys to the Center?
Yes, you can bring your toys, but teachers and other Center workers are not responsible for the safety of toys.
How much time before the first visit to the Center should begin to prepare the child?
For 6 months. Read the guidelines above - some of them you can apply before.
How to get and contact us
Phone: +995 551 694 909
E-mail: ZbebeInTbilisi@gmail.com
28, Nino Zhvania str.,
Tbilisi, Upper Vake
How to get
There is a good access from the Vake Drive and the city alley
Follow our updates and news in social networks of @ZbebeFamilyCenter.
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