Our mission is to build the healthy future
for kids and their families

Our goals

We help kids to develop and their parents to learn more about human physical and mental health. Our instructors know how to motivate, teach and support children at every developmental step, and follow adults to become in a harmony with their bodies and families.
How do we achieve our goals
We focus on all ages
• Infants 6-12 months old
• Toddlers 12-36 months old
• Bla bla
• Bla bla
• Bla bla
We speak your languages
• English
• Georgian
• Russian
We keep activities periodically
Please find out the schedule of our classes and events
We use equipment with a special design
• Special z-bébé® design
• Excellent performance
• Long standing record of reliability
• Guaranteed high quality
We propose different services
Early physical development of 6-12 months old infants
Parents+Babies group classes for kids from 6 to 12 months old
Comprehensive physical development of 12-36 months old toddlers
Parents+Babies group classes for kids from 12 to 36 months old on Mon and Thur, 9.30.
Family Yoga
Family Yoga in Daily Life practice for parents and kids together, with no age limits. We work with absolute beginners but are still good for those who practice yoga already. It's more than sports, it's about mode of life and family spirit.
Safe playground
Playground for free activities to support kids health and safeness. Our playground may be used by families for free play activities when it is free from regular classes and other events, from Tue to Fri from 15 to 19.00, on weekends from 12.30 to 18.00
Martial art
Martial art casses (Karate) for kids, teens and parents.
Master-classes (omni-developmet) for kids and teens together with partners

Events organization and playground provisioning for kid's birthday parties. In partnership with @Kids Event Group
Seminars for parents with provision of knowledges and skills of kids safety and health
Our Schedule
  • Regular classes on Monday and Thursday:
    • 09.30 – group in English,
    • 10.30 – group in English.
    Regular classes on Tuesday and Friday:
    • 09.30 – group in Russian,
    • 11.15 – group in Russian,
    Regular classes on Saturday:
    • 11.30 – group in Georgian.
    Regular classes on Sundays:
    • 11.30 – group in Georgian.
    Senso-motor playgroup for free play activities:
    • from Tuesday to Friday, 15.00 - 19.00,
    • on Weekends, 10.00 - 17.00,
    on per hour basis: 7 GEL per hour/kid, 10 GEL for 2 hours, twins and 3rd/4th children from the same family may come for free.
Our Team
Olga Nikonchuk-Darras
Center Founder & Chief Childcare Trainer
From the profession of Project Manager Olga moved to the studying of kids psychology, physiology and neuroscience at the Bla Bla University. After 1 year of practice Olga started z-bébé® Family Center as her own project to help parents in the development of children.
Nana Gugunava
Early Childcare Trainer
In 2010 I graduated from the University Bla Bla , the faculty of Physical Therapy Bla Bla. Now I work as an early childcare trainer. In working with children, I like to help them become independent, to help organize their leisure time. I also help parents of children to be a friend and helper.
Anna Unanyan
Anna joined our team at the end of December, but she immediately became her own, and we don't know what to do without her. Anna is a psychologist by education and a wonderful mother. She is very fond of children, which we have repeatedly been convinced of during her "duty" at our sensory-motor site. A caring mother, a reliable friend, a persistent client of the Center contractors and a zealous keeper of our documents!
Katia Ahalashvili
Family and Children Yoga Trainer
Katia was born and lives in Tbilisi, studied to be an architect. She became interested in yoga from the age of twenty, periodically practiced meditation and even received interesting results, but, as she herself tells, she did not understand the whole depth of this knowledge until she got into the Yoga Cave, the first yoga school in our city due to back problems and generally in Georgia.
Our Diplomas and Awards
Motor, Physical and Mental Development in Early Childhood theoretical and practical course necessary for the care of infants and toddlers in family day care homes or child care centers
19th Day of August 2019
uses the childhood physical development equipment that has met the qualifying
z-bébé® safety, technology and sanitary standards in accordance with z-bébé® parent program standards.
Motor, Physical and Mental Development in Early Childhood theoretical and practical course necessary for the care of infants and toddlers in family day care homes or child care centers
16th Day of September 2019
International Children Education Fair Participant
Photo Gallery
How to get and contact us
Phone: +995 551 694 909
E-mail: ZbebeInTbilisi@gmail.com
28, Nino Zhvania str.,
Tbilisi, Upper Vake
How to get
There is a good access from the Vake Drive and the city alley
Schedule a tour
Before your kid will join a group, you can get acquainted with us, conditions and atmosphere of our Center.
Leave your contact details, we will contact you.
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