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Best kids summer development

Recreation! 🏖 Family holidays in nature, on the shady side of a natural water place, where absolutely everything stimulates the development of the child, provides him with new life experince and gives a charge of energy for the whole year to all the family! Indeed, the beach is the best sensorial surface you can only imagine. And when it is also a beach with magnetic black sands, then its benefits increase in three times! 😮
While we were waiting for a specific date when it would be possible to open our Z-bébé Family Center in Tbilisi after quarantine, we received a proposal for cooperation that we could not refuse. This summer, Z-bébé team has been invited to Simple Pleasures Shekvetili Hotel, and we will be very happy if you can join us!
The sea, sun and sand in Shekvetili do not need additional recommendations. The company of other children will be an additional stimulation and example to follow for your baby. The company of other parents and the recommendations of z-bébé educators will be real support for you, an opportunity to feel "I'm not alone" and relax together.
Our partners Simple Pleasures Shekvetili Hotel are officially ready for the opening of the tourist season from JULY 1. The recommendations of the Ministry of Health have been strictly applied, the inspections are successfully completed, and they are already taking bookings. You can find out all the details about the cost of the room per day, meals and activities allowed by the Ministry of Health for this year on their FB page and on the website https://www.simplepleasures.holiday.
If you liked this idea to spend a vacation with us, you can proceed with a direct booking link here: https://hotels.cloudbeds.com/en/reservas/YdQiWr....
We will be happy to provide you with more information if necessary!
Let there be Summer!
wiZ love,
Your Z-bébé Family Center in Tbilisi